Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Gigs retrospective, 2006

OK, so it's cheating, but I'll fill this in as I go this year :-) Here's the list for 2005.

Here they are as a table of gigs in date order:

2006-01-10OK Go (Envy & Other Sins, The Bright Space)The Metro Club, Soho
2006-01-30Richard Thompson (Jeb Loy Nichols)The Corn Exchange, Cambridge
2006-02-01The Crimea (Pilots of Japan, Clearlake)The Soul Tree, Cambridge
2006-02-03Bauhaus (none)Brixton Academy, London
2006-02-12NME Awards tour: The Mystery Jets, We Are Scientists, Arctic Monkeys, Maximo ParkThe Corn Exchange, Cambridge
2006-02-22Reel Big Fish (Fandangle, Zebrahead)The Electric Ballroom, Camden
2006-02-26Ezio (none)The Soul Tree, Cambridge
2006-03-01The Go! Team (Smoosh, The Grates)Koko, Camden
2006-03-11Avalon (Girton Spring Ball): The Upper Room, The RiflesGirton College, Cambridge
2006-03-18Sultans Of Ping FC (The Dirty Fairies, The Urges)The Garage, London
2006-03-30Help She Can't Swim (The Retro Spankees, Bearsuit)Metro Club, London
2006-04-06Hundred Reasons (Keiko, 65 Days Of Static)The Scala, London
2006-04-07Less Than Jake (Bullets To Broadway, Boys Night Out)The Astoria, London
2006-04-09Bullets To Broadway (Matter of Distance, Sometime Never)The Man On The Moon, Cambridge
2006-04-11We Are Scientists (Foreign Born, ¡Forward Russia!)The Junction, Cambridge
2006-04-21Whitby Goth Weekend: Swarf, Misty Woods & GDMThe Spa, Whitby
2006-04-22Whitby Goth Weekend: Frankenstein, The Breath of LifeThe Spa, Whitby
2006-05-07Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (The Sainte Catherines, Billy No Mates)The Astoria, London
2006-05-10The Dresden Dolls (Conscious Pilot, DeVotchKa)The Junction, Cambridge
2006-05-16NME New Music Tour: The Long Blondes, The Automatic, ¡Forward Russia!, Boy Kill BoyThe Junction, Cambridge
2006-05-17The Divine Comedy (Declan O'Rourke)The Junction, Cambridge
2006-05-25Therapy? (Engerica)Carling Islington Academy, London
2006-06-26The Dears (no support)ICA, London
2006-07-02Regina Spektor (Only Son)The Junction, Cambridge
2006-08-25Reading Festival: King Blues, Send More Paramedics, The Long Blondes, Guillemots, Gogol Bordello, Peaches, Fall Out Boy, Belle and Sebastian, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kaiser Chiefs, Franz FerdinandA field, Reading
2006-08-26Reading Festival: Sonic Boom 6, Adequate 7, Captain Everything, Milburn, Futureheads, Dirty Pretty Things, The Fall, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Flogging Molly, Arctic Monkeys, Reel Big FishA field, Reading
2006-08-27Reading Festival: Mastodon, Killswitch Engage, Taking Back Sunday, Dresden Dolls, Less Than Jake, Bullet for my Valentine, Slayer, My Chemical Romance, Placebo, Pearl JamA field, Reading
2006-09-13Bromheads Jacket (Caimbo, Thomas Tantrum)The Soul Tree, Cambridge
2006-09-27Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly (Metronomy, Keith)The Soul Tree, Cambridge
2006-10-18The Long Blondes (Monkey Swallows The Universe, The 1990s)The Junction, Cambridge
2006-10-27Whitby Gothic Weekend (XYkogen, Trauma Pet, Vampire Beach Babes, The Damned)The Spa Pavilion, Whitby
2006-10-28Whitby Gothic Weekend (Uninvited Guest, Inertia, Katzenjammer Kabaret, XPQ21)The Spa Pavilion, Whitby
2006-11-09Opeth (Paradise Lost)The Roundhouse, London
2006-11-11Less Than Jake / Dropkick Murphys (The Living End)Brixton Academy, London
2006-11-16Ezio (Ecki)The Junction, Cambridge
2006-12-01Dirty Pretty Things (Hot Club de Paris, Larrikin Love)The Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Alternatively here they are as an alphabetical list of bands:

  1. 65 Days Of Static
  2. The 1990s
  3. Adequate 7
  4. Arctic Monkeys (x2)
  5. The Automatic
  6. Bauhaus
  7. Bearsuit
  8. Belle and Sebastian
  9. Billy No Mates
  10. Bromheads Jacket
  11. Boy Kill Boy
  12. Boys Night Out
  13. The Breath of Life
  14. The Bright Space
  15. Bullet for my Valentine
  16. Bullets To Broadway (x2)
  17. Caimbo
  18. Captain Everything
  19. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
  20. Clearlake
  21. Conscious Pilot
  22. The Crimea
  23. The Damned
  24. The Dears
  25. DeVotchKa
  26. The Dirty Fairies
  27. Dirty Pretty Things (x2)
  28. The Divine Comedy
  29. The Dresden Dolls (x2)
  30. Dropkick Murphys
  31. Ecki
  32. Engerica
  33. Envy & Other Sins
  34. Ezio (x2)
  35. The Fall
  36. Fall Out Boy
  37. Fandangle
  38. Flogging Molly
  39. Foreign Born
  40. ¡Forward Russia! (x2)
  41. Frankenstein
  42. Franz Ferdinand
  43. Futureheads
  44. Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly
  45. The Go! Team
  46. Gogol Bordello
  47. The Grates
  48. Guillemots
  49. Help She Can't Swim
  50. Hot Club de Paris
  51. Hundred Reasons
  52. Inertia
  53. Kaiser Chiefs
  54. Katzenjammer Kabaret
  55. Keiko
  56. Keith
  57. Killswitch Engage
  58. King Blues
  59. Larrikin Love
  60. Less Than Jake (x3)
  61. The Living End
  62. The Long Blondes (x3)
  63. Mastodon
  64. Matter of Distance
  65. Maximo Park
  66. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
  67. Metronomy
  68. Milburn
  69. Monkey Swallows The Universe
  70. My Chemical Romance
  71. Mystery Jets
  72. Jeb Loy Nichols
  73. Declan O'Rourke
  74. OK Go
  75. Only Son
  76. Opeth
  77. Paradise Lost
  78. Peaches
  79. Pearl Jam
  80. Pilots of Japan
  81. Placebo
  82. Reel Big Fish (x2)
  83. The Retro Spankees
  84. The Rifles
  85. The Sainte Catherines
  86. Send More Paramedics
  87. Slayer
  88. Smoosh
  89. Sometime Never
  90. Sonic Boom 6
  91. Regina Spektor
  92. Sultans Of Ping FC
  93. Swarf
  94. Taking Back Sunday
  95. Therapy?
  96. Thomas Tantrum
  97. Richard Thompson (with Danny Thompson)
  98. Trauma Pet
  99. Uninvited Guest
  100. The Upper Room
  101. The Urges
  102. Vampire Beach Babes
  103. We Are Scientists (x2)
  104. Misty Woods & GDM
  105. XPQ21
  106. XYkogen
  107. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  108. Zebrahead
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