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Driving Lesson

Yay, it was fun. My driving instructor (Marie, from Cambridge Driving Centre) seems lovely. We talked a lot, and started off with the basics since it's 2.5 years since I've driven. Bit disturbed to struggle a bit with the eyesight test, must go to opticians. But other than that all went pretty well, no stalling, we stopped and started a couple of times, then went for a spin round the block round Arbury, which was nice. Lots of left and right turns and emerges, all of which were straightforward. Slowing down and into first a little too soon as some junctions. But she's pretty pleased with my observation. And we finished with a 3 point turn which was right first time, with a few prompts on how close I was to the kerb but that's to be expected, and she said was more or less test standard already :-)

3 more 1 hour lessons booked over lunchtime the next few weeks, at which point we can probably book an 12 hours intensive practice leading up to a test. 8 week lead time at Chesterton Road mind.

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