Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Busy busy

James Bond last night: I'd write a review but Jan's was so good I couldn't beat it.

Meetings and Christmas parties at work today, interspersed with reading bofhnet flamewars. Having my own cousin turn up on bofh.test is pretty weird though. Poor Jan has both Lionel *and* Dave Brown randomly mailing her in response to the thread of doom. Barking.

People round for dinner this evening. Tidied up first, shiny house. Chinese takeaway, mmm, food. I said I was doing badly on sins this week didn't I? I suspect most of it has been so late I've possibly got away with it for this week and it won't show up til next. dressed up for fun, this dress isn't half short. And I keep getting distracted by my own cleavage.

Tired now but don't really want to go to bed. Need to remember to pick up prescription tomorrow. Should have done it today really. Then Christmas parties in the evening. And then one more day of work after that, a day or two of relaxing and then up to Leeds for Christmas. If anyone up there fancies a drink give us a yell.

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