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Bmovie was great, we arrived in plenty of time, joined by ernie since the people he's spending the weekend with didn't have any interesting plans for this evening. Had a couple of drinks and then hit the dancefloor, and as suspected in advance didn't leave it except to go to the loo, fetch a glass of water, and hug E-J goodbye, until it was time to go home. 4 hours of solid dancing is good for the soul, though less good for the soles, and in my case quite bad for the knees. Still I had a great time, and I think Mike did too. 80s night is a bit cheating as your first BMovie though, still it means I have an excuse to go to a proper one.

Andrew and Ali put us up in their spare room, and acquired a Jan and Owen on the futon in the living room too, which meant for a sociable morning with coffee and toast and hangovers round the kitchen table, before heading back to Kings Cross for lunch and the train home. I shopped on the way back through town: a 4 way plug, portable headphones that go over-ear rather than in-ear, and 63 quid on underwear in M&S. Still, that was on 13 items, so not *quite* so horrendous. I shall see if the bra is as impressively push-up as it claims.

And when I got home I took some pics of my new scarf:

Colinette Point 5 scarf Colinette Point 5 scarf
Click for rest of images

Next plan is to quietly geek for another hour or so then head back into town to meet Mike and his colleagues for dinner, celebrating someone's birthday with a curry at the Saffron. Which may be interesting, given I've only been in before with ernie and friends, and got to know George the manager quite well. It should be good anyway, since they have excellent curry. I'm a wee bit tired so may not drink much.

Tags: clubs, knitting, life

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