Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Sleepy week

I was already tired before the gig on Tuesday night, and even more tired on Wednesday, having woken in the middle of the night with nasty indigestion. Ended up with a slightly short work day as a result, but not the end of the world. And I enthused about OK Go to Vic McGlynn and she played the single on her show and read out the bit of review I sent her (about the encore). Mike cooked me a lovely bolognese for dinner, and then we headed to the Carlton where ernie joined us for the quiz. And we came second-last, a whole 10 points better than the losers though. I think we did best on "lucky dip" and joint worst on "TV and film" and "Hobbies and Inventions" which was our joker round. Embarrassing when you do better on the sport round than you did on the joker! Still it was nice to get out, and it meant I could rescue my wallet, having left it in Ernie's paniers the night before.

Yesterday was a quiet day, lots of perl faffing at work which was moderately productive. (Whoops, must not distract myself into working during my lunchbreak!). Mike came to mine to be fed, and we had a v v quiet evening, with some geeking and some knitting. I finished my scarf (Colinette Point 5 in Magenta and Velvet Bilberry, 10 stitches wide on 12mm needles, garter stitch, alternating 4 rows of each colour) - which looks lovely if I do say so myself, though I failed to take any pics or remember to wear it today. I also took the time to rip some CDs and then listen to a couple of them - I just got 4 in the post from Vic's show in return for having sent them some nice chocs in their Secret Santa thing before Christmas. Really enjoyed The Chalets, and The Shortwave Set are fun but rather barking. The other two are by Coco Rosie and Laura Veirs and I have no idea what to expect.

Got to sleep at a not entirely un-reasonable hour and slept through without waking until the alarm at 8, and it's amazing how much more awake I am today as a result. So of course we're going to BMovie tonight to un-do the good work. Yay!

Tags: life

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