Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


I'm sitting in the office on my own again, gradually being hypnotised by the hum of the fans, the bright scren, the repetetive nature of playing Net and other people's journals. I could do some work, but I probably have an hours worth to do at the moment and then it's a case of trying to start a whole new project from scratch and I just don't feel up to the leap at the moment. But at this rate I'll end up wokring like a lunatic to get tat hour's worth done in the end, becauyse I've spent so long putting it off. Adn even everyone elses random introspections are more interesting than me. I don't even know if I really want to go out tonight. If I'll enjoy it or end up sitting in the corner smiling when people look at me and making conversation and not really having fun but just making a good attempt at looking like it. It seems to be happening too often lately, though not yesterday afternoon or shopping, or Saturday's B5. Perhaps it's not as bad as it looks from a cold office.

2 out of 4 useful non-work things done. Cheque to pay in and parcel to pick up on the way home. More money I don't really have spent. I really am going to ahve to take a long hard look at my finances in the New Year,. It was hiding from it and just spending when I wanted to that got me into awkward debt as a student, and I don't want to head back that way now.

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