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A fabulous start to the gigging year

OK Go, The Metro Club (http://www.blowupmetro.com/), London, Tuesday January 10th. With support from The Bright Space and Envy & Other Sins.

Mad as it is paying 20 quid in train fare to go to a 6 quid gig sometimes it's worth it.

Envy & Other Sins (http://www.envyandothersins.co.uk/) accidentally added me to their mailing list before Christmas. But were so nice when I mailed and complained (knowing which other band they'd got my address from) that I figured I'd stay on, and since I'd seen they were doing support on this tour I told them they'd better not disappoint. They didn't. With assorted retro outfits which involved between them a cravat, waistcoats, braces and flat caps they looked pretty cool. And they played distinctive interesting indie pop, with good use of synths alongside the guitar and bass, plus excellent drumming and a great vocal performance. Would have been well worth the 6 quid ticket price to see these guys alone.

Sadly The Bright Space didn't live up to this promise. They were a competant indie four-piece, but with nothing to make them stand out, and basically seemed pretty dull. We took the opportunity of the gap after they'd finished to go get some merch, and I got to chat to the guys from Envy: who said they'd remembered my email too, bless. Still, I told them they were great and bought their single. Shame it was the least strong track of their set really. Oh yeah and I got their setlist too.

Still it was OK Go we were there for, and they didn't disappoint. If you look at their webpage you can see straight away they have a thing for the garish. Their eponymous first album cover was a mass of brightly coloured cartoon flowers. The new one (Oh No) is basically covered in paisley. Unsurprisingly this love is very obvious live. Loud suits, mad prints on shirts, and the ugliest tie-pins I've ever seen. And a pair of projectors which were showing slides of various loud wallpaper or fabric patterns on the wall. And they belted out a tight set of catchy bouncy songs which was great. With a couple of pauses for an anecdote or two while some technical hitch was sorted out. They played a mix of old and new material, and both seemed to go down pretty well, but since the new album is only out in the US or on import most of the crowd didn't know it very well, so the older tracks were a slightly bigger hit for the most part. It was excellent stuff though, and I particularly enjoyed Invincible, and the ELO cover which had the singer ordering and then downing a double whisky and then wading out into the crowd while he sang. Really fabulous showmanship all round.

As a band they don't believe in encores, and their singer explained this to us in great detail as the others and the roadies packed up all the kit behind them and put the drumkit away. You've paid to come and see them, why should you have to spend 5 minutes clapping and yelling just to get them to come out again and play you the current single, right? So instead of playing an encore they were going to put on the CD of their new single, A Million Ways. And they lined up along the back of the stage and waited for it to start. And burst into dance. I've never seen anything quite like it. It was as beautifully choreographed as anything Take That or similar have ever done for Top of The Pops, if not better because it didn't need to leave room for miming along to the song. They've got it on their webpage as a video: http://www.okgo.net/. I can't get it working from here but I'm going to be watching it as soon as I get to work tomorrow. Fabulous.

And they were there on the way out, in strategic locations, with pads and pens asking people to sign up to their mailing list, talking, havig photos taken, signing things (ernie's newly purchased CD for example) and generally being friendly above and beyond the call of duty. We couldn't have left much happier, and catching the 11:15 fast train home was just the icing on the cake of a *great* night out. The first gig of 2006, and things couldn't look much better.

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