Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

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Well there goes my Christmas money...

50 quid on a portable telly for my room, since I have a DVD player up there. And 43 quid on 7 CDs from amazon:

1 "Wake Up" 
The Boo Radleys; Audio CD; £5.97 
1 "7 Easy Pieces EP" 
Detroit Cobras; Audio CD; £4.99 
1 "Loft Music" 
Thea Gilmore; Audio CD; £5.99 
1 "Around the Sun" 
R.E.M.; Audio CD; £1.96 
1 "Alligator"  
The National; Audio CD; £7.97 
1 "The Back Room" 
Editors; Audio CD; £6.97 
1 "With Love and Squalor" 
We Are Scientists; Audio CD; £8.99 
Tags: christmas, life, music
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