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Dragged self into work this morning, somewhat becolden. Dragged self home again at lunchtime. Shame to miss Christmas Party but still. Have spent afternoon asleep. Weird dreams (family and friends and schools and knitting and heartbreak and trains and murder). Am now full of snot but feeling a bit less completely grim than I was earlier. It's being a bit of an odd week: Monday off, Tuesday on too little sleep, and yesterday I worked from home when a slow start due to feeling shit (now clearly a result of cold, and not just too little sleep at weekend) was complicated by discovering a flat back tyre. Now at least I have spare tubes, so I should fix it really. Do want to get into the office tomorrow morning at least since I promised to meet a user and help them convert to Hermes, and I seem to have made myself indispensible in this respect. Don't desperately want to catch bus again.

In other news nice food and CSI with rjk and MikeS on Tuesday night, and nice time curled on sofa under blanket with comforting food, hot lemon squash and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow on the DVD player last night. And I had lunch with MikeS on the way home today. Tatties++: cheese and beans and garlic mushrooms good. Have a small stack of vids from Keith to watch at some point: this might be tonight's attempt to stay awake until a sensible bedtime.

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