Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Shattered again today, dunno why. It was a little after midnight when we got to bed but not *that* late, and we'd had a quiet pottering sor of evening in. Thank goodness it's nearly the weekend though. Looking forward to dinner out tonight, though I probably shalln't stay too late and get drunk afterwards.

Invited to a party in Royston tomorrow evening, but dunno if it's just too far. I can't drive (the L plates don't stay on reliably enough for that sort of distance in the dark) and it might well be a bit far for Richard to want to drive with his bad foot. Might just stay in and curl up in front of the fire instead.

Work a bit quiet, spending too much time faffing again, too tired to worry about it too much today though, will try and get some rest and be better next week.
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