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The rest of the weekend.

The chilli was a success. And just the right quantity: enough to make us all full and leave a bowl for me to have for leftovers. Watched Pirates, and as I commented during the sword scene that it was *nearly* as fun as the one in the Princess Bride we discovered MikeS hadn't seen that before, so watched it too. And we were very well behaved and only quoted along to *some* bits, rather than all of it. God that was hard.

Saturday was spent baking and watching more films. I now have two christmas cakes and a G&T jelly, and enjoyed Shrek 2, The Full Monty, Moulin Rouge and Strictly Ballroom. In between we squeezed 3 nice meals (croissants for breakfast, nice bread with meat and cheese and dip for lunch, cheese and bacon omelette for dinner). Unfortunately the cakes taking so long to bake meant we missed V's birthday bash.

Long lie-in today, and a proper fry up for lunch (burger, sossidges, bacon, fried egg, chips, onion rings, toast and irish wheaten bread). Before sending Mike off to do whatever things he had planned for the rest of the weekend (WoW I think was top of the list). And I fell asleep, and woke having forgotten about tonight's gig til August texted me to meet them in the Earl of Derby, whence I went and found gin and good company.

A pretty damned nice weekend.

The next one will be spent at least partly in London. If I wanted to and could find suitable crash space I could do Bmovie Friday, MBM's party Saturday, gig Sunday (yes! managed to get tickets!), gig Monday. As it is if anyone can offer me somewhere to stay on Sunday night I'll be forever grateful. I think I'm going to take next Monday off!

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