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Where was I?

Oh yeah, birthday party, it was good :-)

Since then I've:

  • Had sunday lunch the Carlton with my sisters and played some pool
  • Had a couple of quiet nights in
  • Had MikeS cook me dinner on Wednesday, which was very nice
  • Had an appraisal at work, which went well (this is the normal scheme of appraisals, not related directly to all the stuff about getting me working properly)
  • Introduced MikeS to MikeP, Ned and Owen over no-pool on Thursday (there was a tournament on, and while there was a free table we all have too much pride and not enough ability to play in front of people who are any good)
  • Had a day off work with NTL round to fix the phones and Tesco to deliver Christmas cake ingredients mostly
  • Made a vast quanitity of chilli, rearrranged my room again, chilled out.
  • Had a lovely long glittery bath (mmm lovely lush birthday goodies)

Naath and rjk are joining me and MikeS to eat the chilli, and perhaps I can persuade them all to watch Pirates after. Right now I'm going to have a nap though.

Tags: life

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