Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

In lieu of a review...

A conversation I had with a friend when I got back from the Terry Reid gig at the Junction last night.

22:51 <DJAcro> hi there, hope it was a good gig
22:52 <LNR> Not bad thanks :-)
22:53 <LNR> As gigs go I had no idea what to expect
22:53 <DJAcro> i don't know terry reid at all
22:55 <LNR> me neither really
22:56 <DJAcro> what's he like?
22:56 <LNR> but he has a gravellely bluesy voice, and sang some things which I
            didn't recognise that were nice, and did a Cole Porter song rather
            nicely, and did a rather excellent rambly song which was half story
            telling about Marlene Dietrich
22:56 <LNR> quite a lot of the time it was hard to tell when the songs started
            and the talking stopped, which was quite cool
22:57 <DJAcro> cool
22:57 <DJAcro> sounds like a nice way to spend an evening
22:57 <LNR> and he finished with something which was part cover of Waterloo
            Sunset and part thing made up by himself on the theme of people and
            rivers he's known
22:57 <DJAcro> oh, that sounds genuinely lovely
22:57 <LNR> he said as he left that he didn't believe in lyrics, there are just
            songs and people
22:57 <DJAcro> hippie
22:57 <DJAcro> :)
22:58 <LNR> And all the while looking not far from a drunk old tramp
22:58 <DJAcro> well, that's some sort of style
22:58 <LNR> sometimes just singing, sometimes with guitar played very sparsely,
            and accompanied by his mate Bruce on a rather good electric piano
22:59 <DJAcro> <nod>
22:59 <LNR> It was good, even if I spent a bit of the gig feeling a bit out of
23:00 <LNR> I did catch the eye of the woman behind me at one point as we were
            both dancing and grinned, and she commented later that we were the
            only ones dancing and pointed out I was too young to know Terry
            Reid too :-)  And she hugged me goodnight.
23:01 <DJAcro> :)
23:01 <DJAcro> cool
Tags: gigs

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