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Best Birthday EVAH!

And an excellent weekend surrounding it.


  • Pub lunch
  • Afternoon off
  • Drink in Maypole
  • Dancing at Kambar
  • Birthday texts at midnight
  • Cute chap exchanges his name (Mike) for my phone number


  • lie in
  • Presents to open at home
  • Lunch at Loch Fyne
  • Lovely people spoiling me with more lovely presents and good company
  • Harry Potter at the Arts
  • Post-film drink in the regal
  • Drink and dinner in the blue to celebrate Marisa's birthday
  • Party at Hermitage to celebrate August's, nice gin and nibbles
  • Surprisingly early night


  • Text inviting me out for a couple of drinks in the evening
  • Spent end of morning at Mike's chatting and dyeing hair
  • Nice lunch at home, nethack and nap
  • Nice couple of drinks in King Street Run with Mike 2
  • Talked about gigs and music, and turned out to have acquaintances in common in Bath (hi Jim)
  • Snogged goodnight when they chucked us out
  • Walked him back to his place on Elizabeth Way, since on my route home
  • He offers to walk me back to mine
  • Hot chocolate on sofa with silly music video
  • Didn't pay much attention to video
  • Set alarm for 6:30
  • Wave him off and go back to sleep

Today I'm back at work, or rather working from home waiting for my iAudio M3 to be delivered, since it's supposed to arrive today. No sign yet.

Tags: life

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