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Hmm, I seem to have been very quiet since Monday. Still cold in the office, though it's an improvement on Tuesday morning when the heating was broken. Not much of a routine this week, since I was seeing the university staff counsellor yesterday morning and have been in meetings all morning today. The meetings were pretty useful. The counsellor probably wasn't a complete waste of time, as it was vaguely helpful to go on about stuff to someone not involved. I think it may have helped identify a couple of areas I want to think about more too. We both agreed that arranging a regular session wasn't going to be helpful right now though.

Outside work I've been having a fairly quiet time because I'm still tired. Monday was latin, Tuesday evening I spent mostly reading Harry Potter (2/3 of way through 4th book at the moment) and playing Net which is my current addition of choice. And last night I went round to Jan's for the evening and had a very nice time, though I was too tired to stay late.

Class and pub tonight, dinner to celebrate Vicky's birthday on Friday, B5 on Saturday afternoon. Don't think I have any plans for Saturday night yet though, and I probably ought to try do some Christmas shopping at some point. Perhaps during the day one day next week if I take a long lunchbreak, I doubt town will be fun on Sunday. Still haven't seen the James Bond, wonder if we can find time for that

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