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Friday afternoon I pottered about, had a nap in the bath, got ready, and headed to Bmovie half an hour later than the people going straight from work, but still got there bright and early. David helped me into corsetry, and I had a pleasant time dancing, drinking, and being drooled over by Colin. Lots of bouncy music is always good. I even danced all on my own early on, but it was more fun dancing with other people, and not quite meeting Alex - it was obvious who it was I was dancing near, but I dunno if he worked out who I was too. Kitty had to get up for work so dragged me and E-J back to his early, for a mildly eccentric end of the evening, which ended with E-J and I each fretting the other was OK, and me sitting up watching music videos with C-J until c 4:30am. Overall an excellent evening. With the conclusion that I'm more or less up for the occasional no-strings snog and a bit of a flirt now, but more than that is still just a bit too freaky and soon.

Saturday E-J and I assured each other we were OK, and had a pleasant giggly trip back to Cambridge together, where I then slept most of the day, with breaks for nethack. Today I managed to get up at a nearly sensible time though, and have stayed awake all day, so maybe I'll sleep OK tonight. Today has mostly involved a bit of tidying, a lot of nethack, and a couple of drinks in the Castle with David.

Less than a week til my birthday now, and less than a fortnight til the party. *bounce* I seem to be getting over-excited about it.

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