Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Feh. Not enough sleep last night, and today teh office is freezing. This is not good for getting much work done. Temperature is just above 16 degrees, so I almost wish it were a little colder so I could go home on health and safety grounds. It's not that the heating isn't on, it's just that it's trying to heat a building which has had all weekend to cool down, and it's bloody cold outside today as well.

Need to go into town at lunchtime, to get lunch for one thing, but also to pick up some shopping for Richard. Might have another look at Orange PAYG mobiles while I'm there. Now the charger on mine has a dodgy connection as well as the power indicator not working it's too hard to ensure the thing has charged properly and it keeps running out of battery on me. Which is a shame as I was hoping to sell it on, but I doubt it's worth much in this state.

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