Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Work: shite. Oh OK I'm just a bit demotivated at the moment, hopefully it will improve. And this morning was good. Connectivity is shite atm which is making the radio all crackly dammit.

Life: enjoyed re-reading Sense and Sensibility over the last couple of days. Lovely lunch with Jan on Monday - Soul Tree's food is very good. Mmm cappuccino milkshake so thick you can stand a spoon up in it. Accidentally went and bought trousers as well, but then I had just killed a pair in the bike chain. Also bought bike clips. Saw Wallace and Gromit last night which was great fun. Nice to see Ned and Mike and Owen. Be nice to catch Mike on his own at some point but I'm not pushing for it. Dinner with Simon tonight: satay apparently. Bit knackered though. Must try fit in a couple of quiet nights' sleep in time for Bmovie on Friday. Might or might not stay in London for The Modern in Camden on Saturday night.

Overall a bit low, but could be worse.

Tags: life

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