Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Lovely weekend

Friday night in: watching The Princess Diaries on DVD. I like DVD rentals because you can get away with watching things that are far too cheesy to admit purchase.

Saturday was spent pottering around town with mum and dad. Excellent lunch at the Crown and Punchbowl - in my case calves liver and warm new potato salad, followed by wild mushroom and blue cheese tagiatelle. The food there is definitely still excellent. Pleasant shopping including second-hand vinyl in Fisher Hall, a drink in the Eagle, a look at shiny things in The Pier, and dinner of sausage and onion bap and chips in the Fort St George before the fireworks, which were excellent, then up to the Carlton for a couple of friendly drinks, and sharing the back of bonfire toffee that came back from Whitby. Yum.

Sunday morning mum and dad helped me put together the wardrobe they'd kindly brought down from Ikea, and then we wandered over to Cottenham for the collectors fair they'd seen on posters. There I purchased myself a lovely silver and amber bracelet and matching earrings, which were then deemed to be my birthday present, in lieu of paying mum and dad back for the wardrobe. So I shall save them til my birthday to wear. And they picked up 6 tiny liqueur glasses, which are a perfect match to a set of wine glasses they have at home, and cost 2 quid for the set. In search of lunch we found ourselves in the Hopbind, a bit further out through Cottenham. And there we had another excellent lunch with a nice warming carrot and turnip soup with lovely fresh bread, followed by roast pork which came with both roast and mashed spuds, roast parsnips, peas, carrots and cauliflower and half an enormous yorkshire pud. And very good it was too. They've dropped me at home now and headed off to get at least some of the journey home over before it gets any darker and wetter.

Won't see mum and dad again til Chrismas, but my sisters will be down in 3 weeks time for my birthday party, which will be lovely.


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