Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Given what I've been doing today I find this a mildly ironic sort of test to have suddenly turned up as an LJ meme:

What kind of porno would you star in?

brought to you by Quizilla

Do they have a "hot girl on girl action" one? Dunno. Had an entertaining afternoon though, actually at a test shoot for being a porn star. Got on OK with the two guys at the shoot anyway (which was really to test whether we could do what we said we could rather than to see how well we actually photographed) and wasn't too scared to get my kit off in front of a camera, though I was a bit shakey and went very pink afterwards. Apparently neither of us is interesting enough to really make it on our own in porn, but they do reckon we'd have a niche together. Mostly because most of the girl on girl stuff out there isn't real couples, and is often people who don't even fancy women, so they reckon it's not very convincing. We've been invited to come up and spend a day in Keighley having a proper shoot where we'd learn how to pose some time in the new year though. They recoken we'd get around 500-600 photos out of it, and that they'd do it for free. It just depends on how up for it we are.

Keithley is conveniently pretty close to where my parents live, but given I haven't even mentioned I'm poly or bi, never mind going out with Jan, I'm not sure how they'd react to the pair of us coming up to visit for a porn shoot. I get the impression my mum is the sort of feminist who distinctly disapproves of porn anyway, Perhaps we should just stay in a B&B and make a proper dirty weekend out of it. *grin*. Not absolutely sure I really want to go ahead with it, but very tempted. And you should see the hourly rates this sort of work pays!

Hic, anyway had a potter round Camden after we'd finished, which was fun and not *too* expensive because of course everything we bought was a bargain. And then we came back to Cambridge and had a very giggly and slightly drunken dinner together which was lovely. Not sure what the waiter at Caffe Uno thought of us bickering over the bill.

Finally made it to Karen's open house around 10:30, where I discovered they were pleased to find I was still alive. And had saved the cake til I arrived. So I drank more and ate cake. I'm probably some sins over 70 for this week, though I doubt it's *too* horrendously bad. I shall just have none for the rest of the week and see how I do. It should still be OK I think. And it was well worth it anyway. Pleased to hear Karen's gossip anyway. And nice to meet James. Hic. I think it must be bedtime now though.

[slightly edited to hide the possibly TMI bits]
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