Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


First batch of party invites went out. Sorry if you got several copies: some of the bounces I got weren't clear which addresses were affected, so I ended up resending. Twice. Embarrassing. Equally sorry if you've not got an invitation. Space is limited and we couldn't invite everyone we wanted to. This makes it even more important that you RSVP: if you can't make it we can invite someone else, and knowing who definitely can come makes it much easier to keep track of how much space is left.

BRMC review seems a little negative in retrospect: they really were excellent. I wasn't having the best of days which possibly didn't help though. Not really having the best of weeks. Still just sad and tired mostly. And the sad truth is there's no-one I can really talk to about it properly. Either you're Mike, you have your own worries, or I don't feel close enough to you. Not that there's much to say.

Work and life continue anyway. iPod man has a new silly project: http://www.bornonthesameday.co.uk/. And he's promised me a birthday present (up to the value of 50p). Harry Potter arrived, and was devoured last night and earlier this evening. And next week is Whitby to look forward to, looks like we'll be room sharing with David which should be entertaining. Though he doesn't get the top bunk :-P Yeah, stuff. Oh yeah and it turns out there are some people from my High School who also have livejournal. Though they were mostly born after I started there which is a bit disconcerting.

Tags: birthday, life

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