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Late nights seem to timeshift my day too much. I woke briefly around 9:30, pottered about and went back to bed, not waking properly again until 3. So I had some lunch, and Owen came round, to have a potter about our quiet streets on a borrowed bike. I think he's more or less convinced himself that buying himself a new one and taking up cycling again is a good thing. While he was cycling I had a go at the old bike: removed the nasty basket, the broken mudguard and a light bracket for which I no longer have a light. Lubricated and the chain, pumped up the tyres, checked the brakes. By and large it seems in reasonable shape, though we shall see if the rear tyre stays up. The rear brake is hard work and noisy to pull, I think the cable needs lubricating but I have no idea how to go about this. The gears seem to be working fine though which is nice. I'm reminded again of how tiny a bike she is. And nearly 19. Bless.

Anyway we pottered about and had coffee after that and I amused myself (and hopefully Owen) looking through my collection of old art projects, and my scrapbook of assorted bits of life, from wedding orders or service, minor exam certificates, the original receipt for said bike, and other odds and ends to a heap of gig and festival tickets. My life in little memories. I know there's at least a couple of tickets in my desk drawer at work too, from earlier this year. Plus a setlist in the computer room. Nice anyway. And I unwrapped my post: a pair of doc shoes, some shiny crochet cotton, and 5 cds from Amazon (Levy, Sons and Daughters, Arcade Fire, BRMC and the warchild album).

Have spent the evening faffing on the computer: ripping and playing the new cds, buying bike related bits (decent gloves and some more lubricant, and a cunning folding 2 litre water bottle that'll actually be more handy for camping), sorting out invitation lists (nearly there!), and generally doing not very much. And all of a sudden I realise I've had no dinner yet, and it's a bit late for joining a party, and I don't want to go out clubbing this late two nights in a row. So Bride and Prejudice is calling, and then sleep.

Late Friday nights always make Saturday kind of Sundayish, but hey, I've got another Sunday tomorrow!

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