Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Awww lovely wedding

Has to be the gothest wedding I've been to though :-)

Marisa and Graham both looked really happy, and lovely in their finery, and it was very sweet.

Hung around, talked to various people, just about managed to avoid tears during the ceremony: weddings seem to do that to me, much to own my disapproval. Would have been even better if people were less tired and stressy, but hey, you can't have everything. This evening I need to ice a cake, do some latin, read more Harry Potter and get some sleep.

Tomorrow we're off to London for a glamour modelling test shoot that Jan and I signed up for at Erotica, which should be something of a giggle. North Ealing is 50 mins from Kings Cross, but at least it's all on one tube line, so it shouldn't be too exhausting. We get half an hour each, the number of pics that get taken depends on how up for things we are. Not sure what I'll be happy with to be honest, have to decide at some point! Kind of nervous but since there are two of us hopefully we can make it a fun day out.

And then back to Karen's in the evening and hopefully there'll be some of the cake left, given how long I spent icing it. 10 sins yesterday and Thursday, 20 at the wedding reception today, which should leave enough for dinner out and a piece of cake tomorrow and then good for the rest of the week and we'll see what the weight does.

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