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Ups and Downs

Wednesday I went out with Mike and Vicky to a gig, and had a fabulous time. I came home, wrote it up, and went to bed still grinning.

Thursday it wore off around lunchtime. I spent Thursday evening at home, and had an early night and more or less cried myself to sleep.

Tonight has been an odd mix of both feelings, but Wednesday's grinning is more or less winning out. It's not very often you decide to go out for the evening at 11pm in this country, but it was the right decision. Generator seems to be a guaranteed OK night out, and the last hour was fabulous. I'm still earwormed with Debaser. And I did my good deed for the day for a complete stranger who'll never know it was me who did it, and that makes me giggle. And I said hi to Mark (hi!) and swapped phone numbers so we can catch up properly at Whitby, and said hi to the CSR lads too, which is nice. And talked about Harry Potter with Florian - his copy he's hoping will arrive tomorrow. And yeah, for the most part being good friends who share a lot of music is a great thing, and only some of the time does it still hit me how much more I really want.

Oh and at some point I really must right at least a short review of Ladytron.

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