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I saw the Magic Numbers play at Glastonbury. In a crowded tent named in John Peel's honour which was almost worshipping the ground they walked on. The more they smiled the more the crowd cheered and the happier they got. It's a moment that will probably live with me forever and with that in mind it was hard to imagine they could ever live up to my hopes in seeing them again, but they did.

A smaller crowd, a smaller room, but they filled it with their music. Their simple formula of guitar, bass, drums, assorted percussion and three voices seems to work every time. Playing song after song from their eponymous album you kept feeling like they had to have run out, until they played another and you went "ooh" again remembering how good it was. In amongst them they threw a couple of new tracks, including a lovely acoustic solo from Michelle which will apparently be the B side of their next single, and their contribution to the Warchild album. And they managed to keep the pace varied, with an assortment which included a glockenspiel duet of all things.

They opened the encore with another acoustic number, this time a Beyonce cover, managing at once to be hilarious and beautiful. It was followed by one of their singles and then they got the crowd to sing along to Wheels on Fire. It's always impressive when a crowd can sing well, and they did, even managing to make the slow ending work. A finale of a rousing number made everyone jump and clap and dance along. The crowd yelled itself hoarse, as the band left the stage still grinning. And I'm still grinning too.

Right now I don't believe in cynicism. A feeling I hope will last.

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