Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Time for bed, said Zebedee

Yesterday I got on a train after work and had a pleasant time chatting with Mike on the way down to London. A short walk down Greys Inn Road took me to the Calthorpe Arms for Rick's birthday party, which was lovely and filled with nice people, and nice beer (a pint of waggledance and a bottle of double chocolate stout), having decided that four weeks off the booze was good enough. I chatted with various people including Dan, who was on the same MSc course in Oxford as Rick and Becky but who I'd not met before. It turns out we have an *awful* lot of friends in common. Was nice to see Marna and Juliet again, giggle at Mr Gay Pete in his Che Guevara hat, congratulate Dr Doop, tease MBM once more about his devilstick prowess, and go aww bless at Ali and Andrew. And of course to talk to Rick, who seemed touched by quite how many people had come, as well as a little bit tipsy! Another short walk took us to Bar Oporto (or something similar) on High Holborn, for a bottle of sol and some dancing and a nice chat with Toby about music. The posters on the wall with hints for ironic dancing including the moves "Metallica are OK" and "extraordinarily gay" were most amusing, the posters of Take That were more disturbing. More walking was involved in getting back to Kitty's since the best bus for Toby turned out to be not the best bus for us. But it was a pleasant evening, and it'll no doubt have done me good. The only blot on an excellent night was the fact that even a couple of drinks led to indigestion bad enough to make me throw up in the middle of the night. Not good. No more booze for me then.

I have spent today filling myself up with more and more caffeine while not getting any less sleepy. This despite having had a lovely lie in at Kitty's, til about noon. In between cups of coffee, diet cokes (in the company of Fran and C-J), and red bulls we managed to fit in some Art with Pippa, and some Shopping. The best sort of shopping for me, which involved try on only one item which turned out to have sleeves far too long, and generally going ooh and giggle at things, and not spending any money. Having got a text message with his latest news I managed to catch up with Tom in the Dev, as well as meeting some nice people I hadn't met before (Toby, Pan and SChris) plus one I probably have even if neither of us remembered really having been introduced before (Sheridan). Then Tom headed off to meet friends, and I took the tube back to KX and the train home, and managed to get here without having quite fallen asleep. I see an early night in my almost immediate future. Strange for a Saturday, but what the hell.

Tags: goths, life, london

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