Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


  • Lady Eleanor needs to calm the hell down.
  • Eleanor needs to contact her therapist not us for advise and support.
  • Eleanor needs to go back and do her homework.
  • Perhaps "Eleanor" needs the Church of Scientology to whip her into shape.
  • My Eleanor needs stay in her usual place - back in her closet with a deadbolt.
  • What Eleanor needs is encouragement, every support she can get and all the help she can find.
  • However, "Eleanor" needs to be free if I'm gonna do the things I'm called to do.
  • Eleanor needs a Tom Arma monkey costume.
  • Eleanor needs a weapon capable of defeating the demon.
  • Maybe all Eleanor needs is this one moment to be free.

Actually I need a) sleep and b) to get over Mike. Anything else is more or less optional.

Tags: meme
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