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Editors / We Are Scientists / Cinematics @ The Junction, Cambridge, 5/10/2005

The Junction is a great little venue. It holds somewhere around 800 people, in a room which is wider than it is long, which means you're always close to the stage. With a small crowd this makes it feel very empty, but this was a sell-out gig, and deservedly so.

We arrived to find Cinematics already on stage, playing some nice little indie pop songs. The bass seemed to lead the sound, and it worked well, though that may just have been the mix. The lead vocalist was confident, though I preferred the smoother deeper voice of the guitarist's backing. They were a good opener, though I don't see them taking off unless they develop something more of an individual style.

This was not a problem suffered by the main support, New York three-piece We Are Scientists. The sound was really great, with all three of them taking vocal parts, and a distinctive guitar sound which was a joy to listen to. The two singles Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt and The Great Escape went down a storm, and had the crowd singing along. Definitely one who'll be going far.

Finally it was time for Editors, who were an instant hit. The singer, skinny almost to the point of being gaunt, had the most incredible intensity, and yet dropped into a friendly relaxed tone between tracks. He was the only one of the band to sing, but had the voice to carry it off and rest of the band didn't simply fade into the background. They had a great mix of songs with much more variety of style than one listen to their album had led me to expect. The whole was accompanied by a great lightshow which made the most of the small space and the white backdrop, with some excellent use of shadow.

As if this wasn't enough the band took a short break after the gig finished, then headed into town to The Soul Tree, to do a DJ set at Club Goo. You couldn't have asked for a much better selection of indie tracks to dance to. They seemed to be having a whale of a time behind the DJ booth and we had a great time too. All in all a fabulous night out.

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