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Arse - dairy update.

Change of date: our birthday party will be on the 26th not the 19th of November. I'm sorry I won't be able to invite you all.

I feel really bad about stealing August's birthday though, which rather takes the fun out of it somewhat. [Edit: he's a star and has offered to switch to the 19th, *hugs*]

FWIW my plans for the foreseeable are:

     2005-10-05       Editors, Junction 
     2005-10-12       Magic Numbers, Junction 
     2005-10-15       uk.misc meat Oxford 
     2005-10-18       BRMC, Junction 
     2005-10-27       Cam -> Whitby 
     2005-11-01       Whitby -> Cam 
     2005-11-05       My parents visiting 
     2005-11-12       Visit Kitty 
     2005-11-19       August's birthday Party chez Hermitage 
     2005-11-22       Terry Reid, Junction 
     2005-11-26       90th Birthday party with ajm and djsd 
     2005-12-03       Vicky's official birthday party 
Tags: birthday, life
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