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Having bought myself a new phone (Siemens A55) on ebay last week it arrived this morning. And I'm pretty pleased with it. It's one model up from my previous phone (Siemens A50) and hence pretty easy to get used to, well apart from having rearranged some of the keys a little but I think on balance it's an improvement.

Still that means I have a spare phone, plus all the odds and ends I bought for it, and a spare SIM that's been knocking around. So what to do? Ebay it!. Now I'm just nervously waiting for bids. God knows what it'll go for but anything is good.

In other news I'm still full of cold. Went into work yesterday morning for a meeting, and got caught up with my inboxes and got the routine mail handling work done, and was then more or less told to go home since I was coughing so much. Bought more cough medecine while I was in town though, which helps.

Tags: ebay, life, phones
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