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That was fucking awesome

Reel Big Fish at the Corn Exchange. Support was from Matches (iirc) of whom we only caught half a track, and Skindred, who were kind of thrash ragga and damned good fun. We spotted Arnie helping out moving stuff on stage and yelled hello and waved, before he headed to the back to work the main mixing desk. He promised by text to try save us a couple of set lists, in the end I got the timings of the bands instead which isn't as cool but still nice.

And well the band. Fuck me but you can't hear them and come out not feeling good. Even if some crowd surfer landed on your head early on and clonked your chin on the shoulder of the guy in front hard enough to make your ears ring and your jaw ache. By the encore I was dizzy but demanded water (Security were a bit crap in this respect) and stuck it out to the end in one piece. And they played and they played and they played. They got through most of the ones I loved, ending the main set with their trademark cover of Take on Me which had the whole crowd bouncing like mad things even through their shatteredness, and then pulling out the stops for the encore with the fabulous "she's got a girlfriend now" and ending with "Sell Out" which couldn't be a better finalé for a band that clearly don't need to sell out to get a big gig following and to get played on the radio (they were on 6music this very morning).

My favourite moment was probably getting a funny look earlier on from a guy next to me for belting out the line "I've got a girlfriend", I just grinned and shrugged when he asked. As usual there were some idiots, including the crowd surfers. It might be fun but one guy near me had his eyebrow split open and that's just not funny, even if he was determined to be OK and still enjoy himself. Then again there were some really nice people including the couple who'd obviously been to Reading and were bouncing like mad things near me - the bloke gave me a green glowstick which made me giggle when I got home and found it glowing through my tshirt in the dark, from where I'd stashed it in my cleavage, for lack of pockets. And there we a little lass in a white top who bounced up to the front in the middle, was pleased as punch to be able to see and was *terribly* apologetic for bumping into me even after I told her there was no need and it was rather expected.

So yeah, good gig and great company. As well as Arnie we bumped into Tony earlier while having a rather nice Calzone for dinner in Don Pasquale. I can't believe *I'm* introducing Mike to Italian restuarants in Cambridge. And we passed Jethro and Terri on the way home and waved a passing hello. A fine gig, and Arnie tells us it was better than the one in Brum. Here's to many more. Oh yeah, starting with the Junction Fiver on Thursday. And a big thanks to Mike for looking after me while I felt a bit dizzy after the show. You're a star. And damned good fun to go to gigs to too. And of course the one reason for buying merchandise at gigs (apart from it being cool) is so you have something dry to wear home.

I'm rambling but happy, and it must be nearly bedtime, as soon as I've topped up on fluids a bit more and calmed down enough to sleep.

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