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I just found the crochet hook I lost in the Alma. It had fallen in one of the side pockets of my bag. Discovered it cos Istuck my keys in there on the way home. The rest of the crochet and the replacement hook have gone missing in the meantime but hey. [Edit Oh, it just turned up: hiding under the edge of the bed.]

Pleasant evening in the Carlton. Dinner with Mike, and compared our Reading experiences with Ian (barman)'s experiences of Leeds. Somewhat similar but with more rioting and faker cheese in their case. Ned joined us in time to forget to order himself and Beth food, and Beth joined us later when hers would have been cold anyway, and we had a fairly quiet sort of time. She's happy because her place at Leeds Met is now definitely confirmed, but that means she'll be moving up there on Saturday. No doubt there will be some sort of farewell celebration (or more) later in the week. I may have to give Bmovie a miss after all, we'll see.

Stopped off at GR on the way home to pick up assorted odds and ends. Hugged Mike a long goodbye and smiled a sad smile and promised him I was OK. The cycled home slowly, so as not to damage my knees cycling in the new rocks, or have my hat blow away, or cycle into anything through the tears.

Still it was a nice evening and they'll continue to be in future and eventually I'll stop missing the past so much.

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