Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Coming home instead of going to visit people in London definitely the right answer even if it is a shame. I might have to have fishfinger sandwiches for dinner. For now I'm just going *ug* for a bit though.

I dreamed last night that I saw a number 76. Which is a bit of an arse cos the damned things seemed to disappear as soon as 75 turned up. Of course there've been loads of 75s since and the 77s are bound to disappear as soon as 76 shows up again. Sods law innit. Amazing how slow I'm going, not just compared to Mike who started after me and is on around 132 despite us being neck and neck a year ago, but compared to Patrick who is whizzing through the early 300s at the moment. (Wasn't that exciting).

It's been a nice day though really. Lunch in the pub was excellent, and we had a pleasant time sitting outside in the shade. And the cycle over to see Robin Porter Goff was a lovely way to spend some of the afternoon.

Tags: life

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