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Time goes really slowly when you're lying in bed waiting for someone to come home and not knowing when to expect them. In the end it was ony 12:30 but it felt much later, especially given I'm tired anwyay. We talked for half an hour or so, and then once I got off to sleep I think I slept pretty well, but I'm still shattered this morning. Don't feel I can take the day off if the lack of sleep was my own/my partner's fault rather than just insomnia though, so here I am at work. Not all that impressed at speaking only half a dozen words to rjk on irc all day and then spending the entire evening on my own when I'm already not terrobly happy, but he did need to spend some time with Vicky and I'm glad they had a good evening. Wonder if I'll ever get to see the Bond film at this rate thoughj. I did get to read book 2 and half of book 3 of the Harry Potters though, which at least kept me occupied.

Apologies for any typos here, but I upgraded to Mozilla 1.2 at work (Woindows NT) yesterday, and ever since then it's been *painfully* slow to type anythign at Livejournal: typeahead is currently about 2/3rds of a sentence. *sigh* Perhaps I shoudl just downgrade it again. Hopefully get more work done today than yesterday anyway, though I'm not much more awake.

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