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For Jim

Jim's been keeping track of how many units of alcohol he drinks a week for a while now. He wondered how other people compare, so I thought I'd add this week up. I don't think I drank anything on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. Mike might be able to point out anything I missed but I think that's everything I drank this weekend. This isn't really a typical week and I'd probably normally drink less than that in total at the weekend. I've guessed a bit, so feel free to correct me if you think any of the drinks contained more booze than that.

Tuesday:  1 bottle of wine (1.5/glass) = 9 units
Friday:   1.5 pints old bob@5.1%       = 4.4 units
          1.5 pints cobra              = 4.3 units
          2/3 bottle of XXXX           = 1 unit
Saturday: melon marguerita             = 3 units
          35ml vodka                   = 1.5 units
          35ml tequila                 = 1.5 units
          1/2 bottle wine              = 4.5 units
          35ml tequila                 = 1.5 units
          25ml baileys                 = 0.5 units
          25ml vodka                   = 1 unit 
Sunday:   half of shandy               = 0.5 units
          2 glasses wine               = 3 units
Total:                                 = 35.7 units

(with corrections)

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