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Well, I'm sober enough to type the URL

I must be sober enough t post. Or something. Marguerita in the Vaults on Trinity Street, which was odd in having lots of melon juice in as well and a slice of melon on the side. Nice but I'd have preferred the normal sort. Then a TVR with red rooster instead of bull in the Pickerel. Surprisingly dangerous due to their 35ml shots. A fabulous dinner in Teri Aki: sushi and sashimi to start, followd by gyu yaki udon (pan friend udon noodles with beef) and their combo mochi dessert shared with Mike. And a bottle of Sauvingon Blanc shared with Mel. Then back to the Pickerel for tequila and bitter lemon, and the rest of a shot of baileys left over from Jamie's car bomb. I'm sure it should be whisk(e)y not vodka, but still. They threw us out and most of us are meant to be coming back here. I was expecting to encounter Mike and Jamie walked partway here while I cycled, then Ned, Beth and Mel later by car having dropped Steve and Becky in Trumpington, but there's no sign of any of them. If they're not here (Gilbert Rd) soon I may go home.

Odd mood. Memories and wishes and hopes and expectations all rolled together in a mix of sadness and happiness. I think by and large I have a lot of hope for the future no matter what happens, and I'm not so scared of being alone. My brain has an urge to listen to the mix of Independant Woman as heard on the 2ManyDJs album. What this means I'll leave to all to speculate. By and large probably just too much booze. Will check phone and see if they changed plans I guess. NNall.

Tags: drink, life
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