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Well, I may have got a few entertaining reactions by posting lots of memes, but really I think of this thing as a diary, so what have I been up to since I last posted. I mentioned crocheting a hat, but have otherwise been silent in terms of real content for over a week.

Quiet nights in were had on at least Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Which is why I had time enough to finish it. Tuesday however was excellent. Having spotted that BBC4 were doing a BritPop night to commemorate 10 years since the overhyped battle of the singles between Blur and Oasis we decided it would be excellent to watch, and invited Andrew, Becky and Mobbsy to join Richard, Mike and Myself for dinner and much music. And in the end much wine. A veggie cheesy crumble bake thing came out excellent and rather filling, and was ideal in the sort of leave-it-in-the-oven-doesn't-matter-if-people-are-late way that is sometimes necessary when people are relying on buses. The telly was actually by and large a little dull, with two (three) documentarie covering very similar ground - though the new one was by far the least good. Noel Gallagher in the one they showed last was actually pretty much a star and very witty and sharp, showing up his brother Liam something chronic. It was almost a shame this one had had half the info already used by previous ones. Butstill, they were interesting enough and gave us plenty to reminisce about. In between them however was an hour or so of material recorded by assorted bands at the time of the BritPop boom, with entertaining little "where are they now" bits of info popping up on the bottom of the screen. But it was just great to actually see them all again playing live in the studio a bunch of tracks which make us all feel 10 years younger again and remember just how much fun some of it was.

In contrast to a great night in last night was a great night out. Jamie and Mel drove up from Dorset to join us for the weekend. Mike and I had a few games of pool in the Alma while waiting for them, and I have to say all this practice I'm definitely improving. I may have only won one game of four but they were hard fought for and there were some lovely shots played for and made and not just fluked. And the Old Bob was rather nice actually, if a little expensive. Next stop was the Saffron, where amusingly it turns out both Ned and Mike had independently stopped in earlier and asked George to be on his best behaviour towards Mel. Awww, bless. Still, nice company and nice curry and lots of cobra made for 6 very full people who decided it was a good idea to go out dancing. So once again we hit the Kambar on a Friday night. Beth'd had a bit of a bad day with annoying news from her university that they'd overfilled the places for her course and were looking for people to defer and she might not get her place after all, so that made the party a little subdued. But in general I think we all had a good time. And we were joined by Florian again, as well as a bunch from CSR and a miracle in that George came out to meet us too - he's apparently only been promising it for years.

Anyway, I shall cut short as it's time to go out again. We stayed til late and staggered home and I've spent most of today sleeping. Work has been not bad this week despite tiredness, with a positive off-the-record meeting with James and Caroline and progress on various odds and ends.

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