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Sort of meme.

Fivemack listed all the songs in his collection with "Everybody" in the title. This struck Mobbsy's curiosity so he did a list of the top 50 song title words in his collection, which Peter also did later. Both found that after the "the, a, of, you, me" etc. words the most common word real noun was "Love". It does seem to be quite terrifyingly common y'know.

Songs with "Everybody" in the title

Artist: Leonard Cohen
Title: Everybody Knows

Artist: R.E.M.
Title: Everybody Hurts

Artist: The Divine Comedy
Title: Everybody Knows (Except You)

Artist: Various
Title: Just Like Everybody Else - Shihad

Songs with "Love" in the title

Artist: Alabama 3
Title: Hypo Full of Love (The 12 Step Plan)

Artist: Ash
Title: Where Is Our Love Going?
Title: Stay In Love Forever

Artist: Billy Bragg
Title: Love Gets Dangerous

Artist: Bjork
Title: Like Someone In Love

Artist: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Title: Love Burns
Title: Spread Your Love

Artist: Bloc Party
Title: This Modern Love

Artist: Blondie
Title: I'm Gonna Love You Too

Artist: Blue Oyster Cult
Title: Sinful Love
Title: This Ain't The Summer Of Love - Live
Title: This Ain't The Summer Of Love

Artist: Blur
Title: I'm Just A Killer For Your Love

Artist: Bonnie Raitt
Title: Thing Called Love
Title: Love Letter

Artist: Cat Stevens
Title: I Love My Dog
Title: Ruby Love

Artist: Chris Isaak
Title: Cool Love
Title: Somebody To Love
Title: You Owe Me Some Kind of Love

Artist: Daft Punk
Title: Digital Love

Artist: David Bowie
Title: Shining Star (Making My Love)
Title: New York's in Love
Title: Soul Love
Title: Modern Love

Artist: Deacon Blue
Title: I'll Never Fall In Love Again
Title: Only Tender Love
Title: Love And Regret
Title: Bound To Love

Artist: Del Amitri
Title: The First Rule Of Love
Title: The Ones That You Love Lead You Nowhere
Title: The Last Love Song

Artist: Depeche Mode
Title: The love thieves

Artist: Detroit Cobras
Title: 04_village_of_love

Artist: Eagle-Eye Cherry
Title: falling in love again

Artist: Ed Alleyne-Johnson
Title: Somebody to Love

Artist: Electric Six
Title: Electric demons in love

Artist: Eliza Carthy
Title: The Americans Have Stolen My True Love Away

Artist: Elvis Costello
Title: (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding

Artist: Erasure
Title: Erasure % Who needs love (like that)
Title: Victim of love
Title: Chains of love
Title: Love to hate you
Title: Who needs love (like that) Hamburg mix

Artist: Eurythmics
Title: Love is a stranger
Title: Miracle of love

Artist: Finley Quaye
Title: Your Love Gets Sweeter

Artist: Garbage
Title: Why Do You Love Me

Artist: Gomez
Title: Love Is Better Than A Warm Trombone

Artist: Hayseed Dixie
Title: I Believe In A Thing Called Love
Title: Feel Like Making Love

Artist: Joan Baez
Title: Love Is Just A Four Letter World
Title: Love Song To A Stranger (Part 2)

Artist: John Otway
Title: Bunsen Burner vs. Burning Love

Artist: Jools Holland
Title: Jamiroquai % I'm In The Mood For Love

Artist: Joy Division
Title: Love Will Tear Us Apart
Title: No Love Lost

Artist: Kaiser Chiefs
Title: Every Day I Love You Less and Less

Artist: Kate Bush
Title: Hounds Of Love

Artist: LCD Soundsystem
Title: too much love

Artist: Leonard Cohen
Title: Ain't No Cure For Love
Title: Dance Me To The End Of Love (Live)
Title: Love Itself

Artist: Lou Reed
Title: Satellite Of Love
Title: I Love You
Title: I Love You, Suzanne

Artist: Manic Street Preachers
Title: You Love Us

Artist: Mansun
Title: Mansun's Only Love Song

Artist: Marilyn Manson
Title: The Love Song
Title: Tainted Love

Artist: Mark Knopfler
Title: Once Upon a Time...Storybook Love
Title: I Will Never Love Again
Title: Storybook Love

Artist: Moby
Title: Signs Of Love

Artist: Morcheeba
Title: Fear and Love
Title: **Love Is Rare
Title: Love Sweet Love

Artist: Neil Young
Title: Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Title: When You Dance You Can Really Love

Artist: New Order
Title: Bizarre Love Triangle '94
Title: World (Price Of Love)

Artist: Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
Title: Get Ready For Love
Title: I Let Love In
Title: Do You Love Me?

Artist: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Title: Love letter

Artist: Norah Jones
Title: Be Here To Love Me

Artist: Oysterband
Title: Love Vigilantes

Artist: Oysterband (and others)
Title: Love Will Tear Us Apart

Artist: PJ Harvey
Title: This Is Love

Artist: Pet Shop Boys
Title: If love were all
Title: Love Comes Quickly
Title: You only tell me you love me when you're drunk
Title: Love Is A Catastrophe
Title: The Night I Fell In Love
Title: Forever in love

Artist: Preacher Boy
Title: My Love

Artist: Pulp
Title: I Love Life

Artist: Queen
Title: Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Title: Somebody To Love

Artist: Radiohead
Title: Lozenge of Love

Artist: Richard Cheese
Title: Fell In Love With A Girl - The White Stripes

Artist: Richard Thompson
Title: Read About Love

Artist: Sheryl Crow
Title: Love Is A Good Thing

Artist: Smashing Pumpkins
Title: Love

Artist: Squarepusher
Title: Love Will Tear Us Apart

Artist: Sultans Of Ping
Title: Love & Understanding

Artist: Supergrass
Title: Your Love

Artist: Tangerine Dream
Title: Love On A Real Train

Artist: The Bees
Title: I Love You

Artist: The Cure
Title: Love Song
Title: The love cats

Artist: The Darkness
Title: I Believe In A Thing Called Love
Title: Love Is Only A Feeling
Title: Love On The Rocks With No Ice

Artist: The Divine Comedy
Title: Songs Of Love
Title: Commuter Love
Title: Love What you Do (Live in Dublin for RTE)

Artist: The Doors
Title: Love Me Two Times
Title: Hello, I Love You

Artist: The Futureheads
Title: Hounds of Love
Title: Hounds of Love: Radio Mix

Artist: The King
Title: Love Will Tear Us Apart

Artist: The Magic Numbers
Title: Love Me Like You
Title: This Love

Artist: The Presidents Of The USA
Title: Lunatic To Love

Artist: The Sisters Of Mercy
Title: Temple Of Love (1992)
Title: Temple Of Love (Extended Version)

Artist: The Smiths
Title: Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Love Me

Artist: The Tears
Title: A Love As Strong As Death

Artist: The Thrills
Title: Your Love Is Like Las Vegas

Artist: The White Stripes
Title: Well It's True That We Love One Another

Artist: The Wonder Stuff
Title: Hot Love Now!

Artist: Tom Jones
Title: You Need Love Like I Do (with Heather Small)
Title: Ain't That A Lot Of Love (with Simply Red)

Artist: U2
Title: Love Is Blindness
Title: Love Comes Tumbling
Title: Everlasting Love
Title: Luminous Times (Hold On To Love)
Title: Love Rescue Me - (with Memphis Horns and Bob Dylan)
Title: When Love Comes To Town - (with B.B. King)
Title: Pride (In The Name Of Love)

Artist: Van Morrison
Title: Crazy Love

Artist: Various
Title: Crazy Little Thing Called Love - The King
Title: The Tamperer % I Love Being A Girl
Title: Killing Joke - Love Like Blood
Title: The House of Love - Christine
Title: Virgin Prunes - Pagan Love Song
Title: Love Like Blood - Kiss And Tell
Title: Rilo Kiley - Does He Love You?
Title: Love Is All Around % The Troggs
Title: Golden Earring - Radar Love
Title: Robert Palmer - Addicted to Love
Title: The Saw Doctors - I Useta Love Her - Shereen
Title: Queen - I Was Born To Love You - Claire Speed
Title: Ian McNabb - Sex With Someone You Love - Sam Nelson
Title: Weezer - You Gave Your Love To Me Softly - hence pain

Artist: t.A.T.u
Title: Show Me Love
Title: Show Me Love (extended version)

Tags: meme, music, words

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