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Quick update

Lovely Saturday evening quietly celebrating Kirsten's hen night, and later joined by Col's stag party. There was paddling pool, booze, burnt things, some of which on sticks, a guessing game, and a good time had by all. Didn't stay very late. Sunday was quite followed by an evening at The Red Cow in the basement bar at covertmusic's IDM night Clear. Which was lovely actually. Nice bar, nice music, great company. Another earlyish night and a couple of productive days at work, with Monday at post-pizza with birthday cake for Kirsten and Tuesday at home with knitting. I slept like a log that night which made a lovely change, and decided last minute to take Wednesday off and got lots more knitting done, before joining Jacob, Rachel and Peter for a BBQ at Col and Kirsten and Benedict's. Lots of booze and far too late a night so I'm knackered again today, but hey it was good fun and worth it. Today I've tidied my room a bit and sorted a bunch of old photos into an album in more or less chronological order, which was quite a feat. Bedtime now, and weekend tomorrow night. Planning dinner with Ned and Beth then hopefully out clubbing again. Gosh doesn't a week go quickly.
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