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We'll gloss over most of the week. There was Red Dwarf, bridge, a work curry with Mike's work, and lots of sleep on Thursday, but it all seems a long time ago now. Last night however we went along to the Carlton and had a pleasant dinner with Ned and Beth, and were joined by Jenny from Mike's work (who wasn't at the curry) plus Florian who I've met a couple of times before, and Florian's housemates Sylvie (French) and her bloke (name forgotten) who's Aussie. A nice bunch anyway. When time came Mike, Jenny, Florian and I were up for some more partying, so we headed into town and wandered over to see what was on at the Kambar. Having vaguely heard of Generator and thinking the entry price not too steep we gave it a go. Good call. So the Kambar is a complete dive, and the crowd was fairly middling twenties and not very trendy but it was packed and the music was great. A slightly rockier end of indie, with stuff from early 80s right up to the minute. Some great mixing between tracks in the first hour or so, and then a bunch of crowd pleasers to end the night. So yeah, we drank lots and jumped up and down and yelled along. Mike stole a Reel Big Fish poster, and we stopped at the trailer of life for chips before sharing a taxi back as far as ours, where we left Jenny to continue to Cottenham.

This morning (ie 3:30 this afternoon) we got up with nasty hangovers, and I'm just beginning to feel better enough now, having accidentally had another nap for an hour around 6, to be ready to head out for Kirsten's hen night. But fabulous fun, and it's great to realise there's a club I'm happy to go out to on a Friday night in Cambridge. I see some more dancing in my future.
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