Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Filling in the gaps

Don't seem to have written much properly since the beginning of last week.

Monday: Made chilli for dinner with Mike, then joined Ned and Beth in the pub, where Steve and Becky also joined us, and we sat around and chatted and drank til closing time. At which point it was dead quiet with just Martin and Ian tidying up the bar and apparently one regular through the other room. Swapped festival stories and upcoming gig dates with them anyway, and sounds like Martin at least will be keen on the MFATGG gig in September. Must mail him the ticket URL: bugger, lost it again.

Tuesday: I herded a small number of cats (me, Mike, Rosie and Andrew) to the Vue to watch Batman which was great fun. Though watching through the credits I suddenly realised just what a tiny number of women the film had involved. Almost no-one beyond the romantic lead, her mum and a secretary. It was very nicely done however, the beginning managing to simultaneously be quite slow at getting to the "plot" proper but also to be quite engaging. Definitely a shame there was a lack of girl ninjas. Nice roles from Christian Bale, Liam Neeson and thingy, you're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off, name's escaped me for the moment.

Wednesday: was the NIN gig I've already mentioned. Thursday: Mike and I went out for dinner. Because we'd been going out for exactly a year.. Yes. And a very nice dinner it was too at Loch Fyne (with a couple of mediocre cocktails beforehand in the Regal, I'm sure they used to be better). Mike had oysters, sea bass and sticky toffee pudding, I had mackeral paté on oatcakes, bradan rost (salmon) with whisky, horseradish and wild mushroom sauce, followed by tiramisu. And we had a rather nice bottle of Chablis, a couple of glasses of dessert wine and coffee too. Definitely a lovely place to eat if you like fish. And a lovely way to spend the evening together.

Friday: We got the train up to my mum and dad's in Mirfield, where were were met by them and Emily plus red wine and spag bol, with mincemeat apple strudel and icecream for afters, yum. Sat and gossiped afterwards, then when mum and Em headed to bed Dad and Mike got the sudoku out and I fetched my knitting. A pleasant quiet evening. Well, except when I was testing the cornet my parents bought me in a junk shop in Whitby. They were rather impressed at me getting such a nice sound out of it straight away, but not as impressed as I was!

Saturday: not much of a lie-in (especially since I was sleeping on the sofa, Mike having forgotten his earplugs and hence suffering from my snoring) we had a long bath instead, in my mum's shiny new bathroom. The waterjets were somewhat entertaining, and it's nice to have a bath big enough for two, though it was still a bit of a squeeze. Then we headed into town for some shopping: Mike bought earplugs, socks, combat trousers, a headphone splitter and a leather jacket, I just got a pair of headphones. Watching Mike listen to the ipod on the train had just been too frustrating. Then we had some nice salad for lunch, before Steph and Dave manage to catch up with us for coffee and cake and a few games of pool. Now I've only played pool with Mike a couple of times, but last time he gave the impression of being more better than me than that. He's still better of course, but definitely by a less embarrassing margin than I thought. And at least some of my teenage playing came back to me with a few nice shots. We gave Em a lift back to Mirfield, where mum and dad had been preparing a feast: homemade mushroom paté with fresh bread, followed by stuffed pork fillet with roast spuds, veg and gravy and finishing with fresh strawberries, homemade campari and grapefruit sorbet and greek yogurt. Mmmm. The rest of the evening was spent with wine and whisky and coffee and music and talk and crochet in the living room, where Steph and Dave crashed instead of driving home, after staying up til the slightly wee hours.

Sunday: Mike and I managed to stay in bed a bit longer, being chased out with coffee at around 11:40. Then off to a village called Heath just outside Wakefield, where we spent the entire afternoon at the pub. Well, strictly speaking the pub is right on the village green and we spent most of the time on the green, but we did have some rather pleasant Timothy Taylor's Landlord to drink too, and a nice pub meal before it was time for a lift to the train home. Lost 45 mins due to delays and a detour via Stevenage, but still home at a reasonable time, with Mike's hat finished off on the way, and the ipod for tunes. And even sitting on Stevenage station was quite pleasant since it was a lovely warm evening. It had been a hot day too, and though slightly overcast most of the afternoon I was adequate proof of the fact this doesn't stop UV light by turning a lovely shade of pink. It looked worse than it was though.

Monday: Another day off work (didn't work Thursday or Friday either) was made the most of, with lots of lounging, and some playing on the cornet. Interesting to see which things still come naturally and which are more difficult: low notes are all coming out sounding a bit flat, which is annoying. Definitely need to practise! Felt a little low in the evening, partly just stress at the thought of going back to work, and partly just feeling a bit lonely. Mike was observant enough to bump me out of it though and I headed over to GR for post-pizza and soon felt much better. Knitting progressed in both a forward and a backward direction, but at least ended up further along than when I started: and I learned how to insert a needle a few rows back and pull back the bit that was wrong too. Nice company, and a fairly early night.

Tuesday: Today I've been back at work. First day since the rather horrid meeting last week. Still, got through the routine, had lunch and then sat down and wrote a difficult email detailing Stuff[tm] and my views on it. Caroline grabbed me mid-afternoon and we talked through the technical details of where things are in some depth, and in a fairly positive way. Will just have to wait and see how tomorrow's meeting with her, James and Sally goes I guess. Toegther this ate into much of the afternoon but I got a few other things done too so not all bad. Still not looking forward to tomorrow though. Or to the day after or the one after that. Still, life goes on. Nice dinner this evening of snacky things picked up on the way home from work. CSI soon: a couple of episodes directed by Tarantino. Fascinating idea. Wish I was more awake though, could just as happily go to sleep.

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