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Strange days

In short too little sleep, a meeting at work to discuss progress which I was expecting to at least start with acknowledging the stuff I am doing, but concentrated on the bad stuff so much and so early that I ended up in tears and we adjourned to talk about it later. (Basically do I think this is really the job for me - time to decide). So well the rest of the day at work was a bit of a write-off really, and I was glad of the firealarm when I wanted to leave since it saved anyone commenting on it being a bit early.

Pleasant trip down on train though, and got to Brixton simply enough, bumped into some friends of davefish outside: Louise and (I think) Doug. They were nice anyway. Louise spent the gig down the front with Mike. I started with them there, but after 8 or so songs I was feeling the crush and decided to get out. At first people were really nice about it - they are down the front where they know what it's like. But partway back it got really difficult and began to freak me out a bit, til by the time I escaped to the loos my heart was pounding and I really needed a break. Found a drink then sat out the back, where Doug came and sat and talked to me for a bit near the end. Fun trip back though with nice company, which is always a cool thing about evenings out in London.

So a bit of a mixed day really, and I'm feeling a bit fragile. Home rather than at Mike's cos he's up early to see the osteo and needs the better sleep. Which sucks a bit really, but he did give me a big hug goodnight which is just what I needed. And I took the rest of the week and Monday off so at least I don't have to get up in the morning and can stay under the duvet not thinking about it as long as possible. And I have dinner to look forward to tomorrow night, and a weekend with family up North. Should do me good.

Oh yeah, gig. Well, I *like* what I know of NIN but it's not really a lot, so on balance perhaps an expensive Brixton gig was a bit silly anyway. But yeah, they were good, and I enjoyed them and they put on a good show. Maybe next time I'll know more than just the two big goth floor fillers and some of the tracks from the most recent album. Saul Williams doing support was damned good at what he did, and I really enjoyed the beat poetry stuff even if the naivity of the politics was bugging louise. On balance though while at first he blew me away I soon got bored - hard to keep interested when by and large it's not really your cup of tea and all seems much the same.
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