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How utterly utterly lovely

I have just had a perfect weekend.

Friday night we have a quiet night in, with a nice dinner (if eccentric) and are then joined by a couple of very pleasant dutchmen who are staying for a couple of nights.

Saturday was Rachel and Tony's wedding. And a lovely service which just really captured their personalities and styles and really left you hoping for a wonderful future for them and feeling that it was possible and likely, was followed by emerging into the sunshine in Trinity's Great Court, with sunshine, green grass, bright blue sky, an assortment of pretty dressed up guests and a flotilla of bubbles. We mingled and chatted for a while, then headed to the reception via GR to pick up food. And the reception was just lovely too. Talked to lots of people, some new friends, some old, some people I'd not seen for years, some who'd forgotten having met me. Lots of nice things to drink and lovely lovely food brought by all the guests, which meant for an incredible range of tasty things to choose from.

And Sunday brought a lie in to rival Methuselah, followed by lunch at the Carlton to celebrate some more with the happy couple and their family and friends. And as they all began to potter off a bunch of us felt that punting was a good idea, and had a leisurely three hours on the cam with pimms and lemonade, up to Grantchester Meadows and back. Followed by a quick but tasty dinner at Dojos, then cycling home with Mike partway and Helen and Richard the other half.

It's a long time when I've had a weekend where almost every moment was spent doing something nice with nice food and drink in wonderful company. A good omen for Rachel and Tony I hope, and good luck to them and their future together.

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