Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Sweet dreams are made of cheese

last night I had a horrid horrid dream where for apparently some reason I was taken to go have a lie down in an ambulance, and they left me there on my own for ages, then came and started faffing with tubes and stuff around me and not telling me what was going on and I didn't even have my phone with me and no-one knew where I was and they were taking me off to hospital and I didn't know what was wrong or anything

and mike came to visit and brought a pig for some reason, but hey. And I got out for a bit and my mum and dad found me while I was at the farm looking at the piglets and took me home, where I borrowed a computer and discovered Mike was planning to stop seeing me and go out with 17 year olds instead cos they were more fun.

there was a bit with marna and a rather vicious cat in too, but that wasn't a nasty bit. And the house my mum and dad took me to wasn't theirs, and grandma came to visit and hugged me. And then the people from the hospital started ringing and knocking again and everyone panicked and I still didn't have my phone. Then I woke up.

I blame the indigestion. I think I dreamt so much so vividly because I was only sleepign lightly, and I was up a couple of hours (45 mins feeling acidy with indigestion, a couple of mins thorwing up, another 45 mins waiting to feel better and go back to sleep. Anyway I'm going back to bed for a bit. Told work I'll be in this afternoon.

Tags: dreams, ill, life
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