Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Pleasant weekend

Friday night Mike and I went out: dinner at Nando's, Sin City at the Cineworld and picked up Magic Numbers tickets from the Junction box office before heading home through the rain.

Saturday I had the world's longest lie in, and got up as Mike was getting *back* from the bike shop, with new saddle and fixed wheels and gears. Pottered around their house for a while til Ian wanted his computer for Aliens, then came home, had some lunch, dyed my hair, and headed out partying. Small gathering at Nursery Walk celebrating 3 birthdays and a forthcoming wedding was pleasant: though since it had been going on since 12:30 everyone had got quite a head start on the booze compared to me. A couple of people demonstrated the technique for removing a bra without taking your top off, and Keith ended up challenged to do the same trick with pants and trousers. By some minor miracle he did in fact succeed. I'm not sure the elastic in them will ever be the same again. A toast in bubbly, some excellent cake, a couple of burgers and some nice chats later I headed back to GR to help Ian celebrate his new job offer.

Today my lie in was somewhat shorter, and breakfast has already been documented. Ian didn't want his computer til much later in the afternoon this time, so I got to potter around there and geek most of the afternoon. At home I've been trying to get my poor washing (left in the machine too long) to stop smelling horrid. With little success. Perhaps I should dry it, run the machine empty to clean it, and then try washing things again. A bad mistake to make anyway. Other than that I've been quietly geeking with a pleasant snacky sort of dinner and some knitting for when irc goes quiet. Current project is a stripey hat for Mike. It's not going *quite* as planned (this is what you get for just making things up without thinking about them in enough detail first). Oh well, it's a learning experience, and I'll have enough wool to knit a more sensibly shaped one too.

Bedtime soon. Looking forward to Mike finishing his glasto writeup though :-)
Tags: knitting, life

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