Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


So I went through the Glasto reviews, and made myself a shopping list. Then I looked at the price and took some of them back out of the basket. Another time.

1 "So Much for the City" 
Thrills; Audio CD; £6.99 
1 "Cold Water Songs" 
Broken Family Band; Audio CD; £11.99 
1 "Let There Be Rockgrass" 
Hayseed Dixie; Audio CD; £7.99 
1 "I'm Wide Awake It's Morning" 
Bright Eyes; Audio CD; £10.99 
1 "Silent Alarm" 
Bloc Party; Audio CD; £7.97 
1 "Bleed Like Me" 
Garbage; Audio CD; £8.99 
1 "Elevator"  
Hot Hot Heat; Audio CD; £9.99 
1 "The Magic Numbers" 
Magic Numbers; Audio CD; £8.99

All on 24 hour dispatch so hopefully will be here soon!

Tags: glastonbury, life, music
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