Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Harrumph - S2 in ugly shocker

Yesterday: late to work, town at lunchtime, fail to buy alarm clock, top up phone, buy nice lunch from Sainsbury. Helen's birthday party after work, they're packing up as we arrive, so we help clear up and walk stuff back to Caius. Bottle of Pimms as reward. Dinner in Teri Aki with Mike v nice. Early night but neither of us sleep well.

Today: early morning: snooze is depriving Mike of even more sleep so get up and leave him in bed. Work not bad: got some scribbling done on damned PD33 and it'll look a bit more sensible with these alterations, long way from finished though. Grafton Centre at lunchtime, bought alarm clock, batteries and 2 DECT phones from Argos. Nice skirt and rings from Evans. Lunch from Boots. Chip and pin in Evans refused my card and I had to go get cash. 5 mins later it work in Boots. Go figure.

Evening: got new phones working with old base station: result. Charging batteries. Need spare 4way adaptor for bedroom now. Spent some time faffing with S2 but it's *hard* - wish S2 classic was more like S1 classic. Will try it for a few days and see how I cope. No way am I competant to write my own yet. Long call to mum on phone to talk all about Glasto. Will send her write-up once written. Must write :-)

23:28 < Kosai> LNR: Hello.  Are we supposed to know what S1 and S2 are?
23:37 < LNR> K: two different ways of doing styles on LJ.  S2 is newer, more powerful, 
             and allows tags to be more useful.
23:37 < LNR> I was quite happy with the default S1 style though, and unfortunately there 
             isn't an exact replica of it.
23:40 < LNR> anyway, the joy of tags means you can now easily see all the stuff I've been 
             going on about relating to glasto: 
23:42 < LNR> it has a huge programming language of its own, which I looked into briefly, 
             but the amount of work to create a coherent style with it is *scary*
Tags: geek, life

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