Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Glasto 2005

I'll start with the notes I made while I was there, which go up to Friday night, and try and write up the rest later.

Weds - arrive later than intended. Brandy on train. V long hike across site - shattered - but view worth it. Hour up in stone circle then bed.

Thurs - glorious day lots of pottering about. Dance area huge. IDSpiral nice lots of white aty things and little tables to sit at on floor. Crepes for lunch with Jan and Owen. Then wander through Green Futures. Realise catching sun and head back to tent. Chilled in shade with Rick and Ed - impromptu jam with some other guys - acoustic guitar, bongos, harmonica and some crap singing fun. Spent evening doing poi and hanging out in stone circle again - talking to Richard the Cambridge naked cyclist enjoying the evening and the perry.

Friday - Woke early to the storm. Don't know when it started 6ish maybe. Lightning galore and heavy rain til about 11 when we all crawled out of bed and ate breakfast. They hadn't been able to start the music because of the weather (stage apparently struck). So Undertones were first band. Watched from borrowed gazebo in the rain as it tipped it down again. They were OK but didn't really grab us. Now the sun's out and the John Butler Trio are playing gorgeous guitar music - sounds a lot like Chris Whitley - lovely music. Time to go do stuff soon.

Writing by the light of my keyring torch, as the White Stripes belt out Jolene. I'm back at the tents alone after a great day. Mike Ed Rick and I headed down the hill after faff and I sat on an isolated dry spot while the others wandered off - Mike to catch The Editors and the others on unspecified errands.

Contacted assorted people by text but didn't manage to meet up. Mike however reappeared to find us partway through The Thrills which he'd been looking forward to and recommending. He was a bit disappointed though, and I have to admit to only finding them mildly diverting. Ed + Rick wandered off part way through and we caught the again at the Other Stage after a minor amount of wading through nearly boot-high water. There we found Hot Hot Heat - they only played one familiar track but it's one I like (even if I can't now recall) and I must investigate more.

Then on en masse through another small lakte (this one with tents in - poor sods!) to the John Peel stage for "your codename is: Milo" who were OK I suppose but noticable most for the opening "your codename is: Milo, your codename is: Milo, I think you're called Dave". Also rather lovely was the quote from Teenage Kicks balancing out the "John Peel Stage" sign. Brought a slight lump to my throat.

Next planned stop was pyramid stage for Elvis Costello - but the route from J.P. to P. had an unfortunate ford part way. Mike took his shoes off and paddled bare foot - I though my boots might just cope but I was _so_ wrong. After that I took them off, wrang out my socks, and paddled on in just tights. Quite pleasant in some places and nice to stop worrying for a bit, but overall a bit grim. Seemed wise at this point to head back to the tent to dry out and clean up a bit - heard E.C. from up there and I rather enjoyed much of it and sang along. Others seemed less impressed.

A programme reading error on my part lead to Mike and I making an impresive time down to the Other Stage to catch Johnny Wav and BlocParty who were excellent - wish I'd heard them properly in advance. An hour's break to get back for the Killers lead to unexpected catching Alabama 3 as we stopped by the JazzWorld Stage for noodles and a pint of perry (a random girl asked what the seaweed was like, on her friend's behalf, the answer was unfortunately "a bit bland really" but the rest was good - and she complimented me on the Terrorvision Tshirt too). Lots of people dancing to "Peace in the Valley". As before I enjoyed it more than Mike but I think it was a nice way to pass the time.

And we found Jamie in time to paddle through the shallowish mud into the middle of the Killers crowd for a _storming_ set. Highlight so far and I think it'll be hard to beat.

J+M headed for Fatboy Slim but I decided my feet and legs had had enough and kissed them goodnight. I'd have quite liked to see some of the other stuff on last thing tonight (including The Tears, or Oysterband) but nevermind. Mike no doubt will prob go for Tears - and Silent Disco in dance area after - but I think this was right choice for me - and although Meg's drumming is still a bit weak (ha) I'm enjoying the White Stripes - inc stuff from their new album which is cool. Lots more choices tomorrow - but hopefully no regrets.

It's wet, it's muddy, one dance stage is closed due to collapsing after being struck twice by lightning, I'm shattered and I've not seen half the people I'd like but I am having a fabulous time still. Wouldn't miss it.
Tags: festivals, glastonbury

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