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Seems a bit odd following a meme from a friends-locked post, but here it is:

Glasto 1983: I was 7, Steph was 5, Emily not yet 3. Apparently I saw Van Morrison.
Glasto 1984: 8, big girl now :-)
Glasto 1985: 9, I have memories of this one. Mud and music and the fabulous playground. It got too big after this to make it sensible for a big family of small kids.
Glasto 1995: First year at University, living with the disappointment of not being as good at things as I was used to. But my first grown-up glasto was great, with Ian, and in love. Hid from the sunshine watching circus stuff, and missed Pulp due to not realising they'd replaced Oasis.
Glasto 2003: Life was complicated. Jan, August, me, rjk: it wasn't a love triangle but a strange bastard shape of doom. And it coloured the festival in an awkward way but it was still wonderful to be back and I loved it.
Glasto 2004: mud and rjk being fed up took the edge off it, but I had a good time last year too.
Glasto 2005: 85, 95, 05: somehow this year has a lot to live up to. But despite some nerves I think it will.
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