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Wallet: cash, one debit card, ID, single front door key on keyring with bright LED.

Handbag: Wallet. Phone, spare battery. Pills. Tickets, train tickets. Anti-bac wet wipes, anti-bac no-water soap. Camera. Water bottle. Fold up mac. Sunblock lip cream. Notebook and pen. Earplugs.

Rucksack: sleeping bag, sleeping mat, sandals, more clothes than strictly necessary (warm and cool and light cover-up and spare undies), small towel, wash things, first aid kit (augmented with immodium and insect bite cream), other water bottle, wet wipes and tissues and loo roll, plastic mug, factor 40 suncream, aftersun, sunhat. Knitting. Plastic squash bottle containing vodka.

Ready for morning: tent (inc extra pegs since I think we were short a couple), rucksack, handbag, boots, clothes.

So what have *I* forgotten? Apart from to drink champagne while I doing it.

Edit: binbags, sunglasses
Tags: festivals, glastonbury
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